Plates 1-3:

Dystrophia muscularis progressiva infantilis, familiaris, pseudohypertrophica.

    Plates 4-7:

Dystrophia muscularis progressiva infantilis. (involvment of the face. without pseudohypertrophica).

    Plates 8-9:

Dystrophia muscularis progressiva infantilis. (method of transition from the recumbant to the upright position).

    Plate 10:

Dystrophia muscularis progressiva infantilis pseudohypertrophica (lipomatosis muscalaris luxurians progressiva).

    Plate 11:

Dystrophia muscularis progressiva juvenalis.

    Plate 12:

Hypertrophia muscularis vera.

    Plate 13:

Lipomatosis perimuscularis circumscripta.

    Plates 14-15:

Lipomatosis perimuscularis circumscripta.

    Plates 16-17:

Acromegaly (with illustration within the text).

    Plates 18-21:

Syringomyelia. Hemilateral incidence of the spinal cord (gliosis unilateralis).

    Plates 22-23:

Syringomyelia (Morvanic form).

    Plate 24:

Atrophic paralysis of both legs in consequence from poliomyelitis anter. dorsal. acuta.

    Plate 25:

Hemiparesis sinist. cum atroph. et contractur. post encephalit. acut. infantil. (infantile cerebral child palsy).

    Plate 26:

Atrophic paresis of right leg resulting from poliomyelitis anterior lumbalis infantalis circumscript.

    Plate 27:

Paralysis agitans.

    Plate 28:


    Plate 29:

Hemiathetosis after poliencephalitis infantilis.

    Plates 30-31:

Head posture, mouth movement and mimiing from sclerosis multiplex cerebrospinalis.

    Plate 32:

Catalepsy with unilateral flexibilitas cerea (illustration in the text of a case of arc de cercle.

    Plates 33-34:

Myositis interstitialis chronica (fibrosa).

    Plate 35:

Atrophic laming of the muscul. infraspinat. sin.

    Plates 36-37:

Serratus laming (paralys. nerv. thorac. longi.).

    Plate 38:

Facial paralysis. Lower facial-region. (supranucleare form.

    Plate 39:

Complete left lateral oculomotorius palsy. Paresis of the rectus extern.

    Plate 40:

High grade myosis (with glassy fixed pupils) from tabes dorsalis. "Spinale myosis".

    Plates 41-42:

Morbus Basedowii.

    Plate 43:

Morbus Basedowii.

    Plate 44:

Periostitis syphilitica ossificans.

    Plate 45:

Aneurysma arcus aortae.

    Plate 46:

Aneurysma arcus aortae.

    Plate 47:

Aneurysma aortae sanatum?

    Plates 48-49:

Sarcoma sterni.

    Plates 50-51:

Fissura sterni congenita.

    Plate 52:

Carcinoma mediastin. antic.

    Plate 53:

High grade congestion in the region of the vena cava superior.

    Plate 54:

Carcinoma glandulae thyrioideae.

    Plate 55:

Struma parenchymatosa.

    Plate 56:

Struma cystica.

    Plate 57:

Pseudoleukemia lymphatica.

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