Plate 43

Plate 43

Morbus Basedowii.

Moderate, rarely chronic, ongoing case with intermittent improvement and arrest of the malady.

Mother allegedly died from valvular heart failure. The patient knew of no cause for her particular affliction. Illness began before the better part of six years. After lengthy treatment in the hospital, evidence of significant reduction of all symptoms. Once again succumbing to frequent vomiting and diarrhoea in the middle of 1892 with a significant protruberance of the eyeballs and heavier swelling of the vibrating, rumbling thyroids.

The case belongs among those, in which the disfiguring prominence of the bulbi has not yet taken effect. Comparatively more affected is the thyroid gland. Both of her lobes are substantially and quite similarly enlarged. Heart is temporarily enlarged and significantly broadened ; pulse frequency uncommonly variable, between 140 and 160, and even beyond. Became improved well after the second escalation of the malady through lengthy treatment in the the hospital; a so substantial a recovery, that the patient even now (middle year 1894) functions as a nurse’s aid in the wards.

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