Plate 50


Fissura sterni congenita.

Highly instructional, already repeatedly described case (by Ziemssen, Penzoldt, Jahn, Sahli).   Plate 50 shows the individual in quiet repose and respiration, while plate 51 shows a conspicuous variation of the chest interstice from forcible expiration:    a severe distention of the supple parts of the sternal interstice at the upper and middle portions along up to the lower parts of the throat.    It is the issue here, as Sahli no doubt noted correctly, for a distention of the lung margins to stretch into a complementary volume even as far as the larynx.

(Maasse und physiologisch-klinisch Angaben s. bei Penzoldt, D. Arch. f. klin. Medizin. volume 24, pg. 513, and Sahli, schwiz. Corresp.-Blatt 1892).

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