Plate 25

Plate 25

Hemiparesis sinist. cum atroph. et contractur. post encephalit. acut. infantil. (infantile cerebral child palsy).

25 year old tradesman, who can say nothing about the commencement of his hemilateral palsy, which had afflicted him in early childhood around the third to fifth year of life.

Besides the weakness in his left extremities, the patient shows considerable retardation of growth as well, much more in the arms than in the legs. Both show spastic contracture, the arm resulting in its usual characteristic posture. The shortening in the mutually affected upper and lower shanks of the left leg, the severe inward turn of the upper thigh, and the bow contracture in the knee, have lead to the tapied postion evident in the picture.

The patient can, somewhat propped, venture forth quite constantly, while the arm is of very limited usefulness.

No motorium proprioceptor symptoms. Sensibilities perfectly normal.

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