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A Note on George Henry Fox and O. G. Mason

A. C., aet. 19, U.S.: Elephantiasis

Unknown Boy: Leprosy

Ellen Collins, aet. thirty-seven; Irish; married: Skin Graft

Unknown Man: Syphiloderma Papulosum Circinatum

Unknown Girl: Scabies

Syphiloderma Tuberculosum: The Passionate Shepherdess to Her Love

G. W., aet. 30: Lupus Vulgaris

Unknown and Angry Man: Psoriasis Annulata

Margaret K., aet. 45, Ireland: Rosacea

E. H. C., aet. 58: Cornua Cutanea

Onychia: Questions for the Viewer

Dermatitis Calorica: Mr. Sinister Dreams of New Hands

Syphilis Hereditaria: Mr. Sinister Smiles

Syphiloderma Ulcerativum Perforans

P. D., aet. 73: Epithelioma

H., aet. 27: Keloid

C. R., aet. 20, U.S.: Acne

William R., aet. 22, American, driver: Sarcoma Pigmentosum

Mrs. B., aet. 68, Scotch, widow: Leucoderma

Syphiloderma Tuberculosum: Lady in a Hat

Syphiloderma Gummatosum: Little Lady Lena

Syphiloderma Papulosum et Pustulosum: Why Sales Have Declined

Syphiloderma Pustulosum: The Course of the Zodiac

C. T., aet. 35: Lichen Ruber

M. K., aet. 48, Ireland: Fibroma

Notes to the Poems

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