Poems by John Wood.

JOHN WOOD is a well-known poet and photographic critic whose books in both fields have won major awards. His first book, Orbs, carried an introduction by Allen Ginsberg. His next two books of poetry, In Primary Light and The Gates of the Elect Kingdom, both won the Iowa Poetry Prize of the University of Iowa Press and were followed by his Selected Poems 1968-1998. He co-curated the landmark Smithsonian Institution exhibition Secrets of the Dark Chamber, is editor of The Journal of Contemporary Photography, and held professorships in both English literature and photographic history at McNeese State University in Louisiana, where he also served as Director of the Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing for over twenty-five years. He now lives in Vermont.

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Endurance & Suffering has won the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis for 2009, taking the gold medal for Historical—Theoretical Photography! Heartfelt congratulations to the poet John Wood and his publisher, Alexander Scholz!!!!

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I wanted to share with you good friends of mine this extremely nice coverage Endurance and Suffering received in the current, today's, issue of The Canadian Medical Association Journal. The print version of the journal has 65,000 subscribers and their on-line version gets over a million hits a month Barbara Sibbald, the Editor, tells me. So maybe a lot of doctors will read some poems this month. In case you hadn't heard, in November the book won the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis Gold Medal. I owe Alexander Scholz, the publisher of Edition Galerie Vevais, a very great deal for being brave enough to take on this book--a book no American publisher would consider.

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Go to: and then click "Begin manual download" and the pdf will come in.

For an expanded version with more images and poems, then go to:

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!!!Copies of Endurance and Suffering can be purchased through the Galerie Vevais on-line catalog, and typing in keyword "Endurance" in the search box!!! »»

Happily, there are four versions of John Wood's book, including a soft cover trade edition which will leverage up the gravitas of any poor scholar-poet's book shelf. And for the scholar-of-means who is reading this, the limited edition version of Endurance and Suffering is an investment that will reward your intellect and your legacy. No other booksellers have the book yet, but when they do, the ISBN numbers are as follows:

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Scholars, artists and physicians who come to browse these pages are all invited to read Natasha Christia's sensitive interview with John Wood in the latest issue of Eyemazing, journal of the photographic arts. Here is the first line of the interview followed by a link to the Eyemazing website:

"Imagination, the longing of a life to be, the bursting of stories that were never meant to unfold in the places we inhabit and in the paths we cross... continued »»

Enter the website and then click on the thumbnail image of a nun to bring up a thumbnail table of contents. The article is linked to the last thumbnail on the second row.

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Estella Ramirez's January 22 interview with John can be found in the online journal, Front Porch »» ; published by Texas State University-San Marcos.

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