The homœopathic treatment of spinal curvatures according to the new principle.

Franklin, Edward Carroll, 1822-1885.

St. Louis : H. C. G. Luyties, 1878.

Description : [1]-79 p., [1 l.] p., [8 l.] pl. ; ill.: 4 phots., 20 figs., tbls. ; 22 cm.

Photographs : 4 albumen photographs on two leaves, representing Franklin's system of suspension.

Subject : Spine — Scoliosis ; treatment.

Notes :


The four disturbingly beautiful albumens represent steps in Dr. Franklin's system of suspension for the treatment of a spinal deformity afflicting a ten year-old girl, whose hair was shorn so that it would not interfere in the fabrication of her plaster corset. The photographs are less professional emulations of the compositions illustrating the monograph of Dr. Lewis Sayre, who introduced the suspension and plaster jacket apparatus a year earlier (Sayre 1877). Franklin acknowledged the importance of Sayre's contribution, but maintained that his device improved upon and superseded what he called Sayre's "jury mast."

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