Three cases of vaginal hysterectomy.

Burt, Frank Leslie, 1857-1930.

Journal : Annals of gynaecology and pediatry ; vol. ii.

Boston : Rockwell and Churchill, 1889.

Description : 203-206 p., [2 l.] pl. ; ill.: 2 phot. figs. ; 23 cm.

Photographs : photoengravings on printed leafs, specimens.

Subject : Uterus & adnexa — Hysterectomy.

Notes :

Photo captions:

PLATE I. — A, B, C — Cancer of neck, not involving body. The part nearest B was continuous with that nearest A over C. D is opposite a transverse incision, which lays open the the cornua. The floor of this cut is in shadow, but not diseased. E is over a longitudinal incision, the floor of which is healthy tissue. F — Left tube, and C, ovary, in situ. Those on the right were removed separately.

[PLATE II.] UTERUS, Showing cancer of cervix and fundus; removed by vaginal hysterectomy. (See page 206.)

A, B — Cervix invaded by cancer; A was continuous with B. C is over an incision laying open the fundus and cervix. The disease had spread, by extension along the mucous membrane, from the cervix over the whole uterine cavity.

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