Epigrams, epitaphs, personal anecdotes, &c.

Meryon, Edward, 1807-1880.

London : sn/sd, [~1888].

Description : [1 l.] frontis, [2]-148 p. ; ill.: 1 phot. ; 19 cm.

Photograph : albumen portrait mounted on leaf of letterpress.

Subject : Physicians — Personal papers ; Edward Meryon.

Notes :

Meryon possessed greater acuity in comparative anatomy than did Duchenne and it was Meryon, not Duchenne, who wrote the first classical account of pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy, correctly identifying the patient cohort of young boys, the degradation of sarcolemma and the family characteristics of the disease in 1852, long before Duchenne published. Was Duchenne's research original or was it the product of false memories that emerged years after reading Meryon's paper? Recognition for Meryon's work augments from the valid reasons in place for asking this question.

This charming little book was published posthumously to commemorate the life and mind of Edward Meryon who was in the habit of jotting down his favorite anecdotes, witticisms, and literary snippets into a commonplace book. Contrary to the promise of the title, there is no autbiographical content here or extant and we are left with what little can be surmised of his character from the nutations of his pen. Only a few copies are listed by Worldcat and it is a treasure for its albumen portrait.

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