Photography and the projection-lantern in the teaching of otology.

Randall, Burton Alexander, 1858-1932.

Journal : Transactions of the American Otological Society ; vol. iv.

New Bedford : Mercury Publishing Co., 1889.

Description : p. 484 ; 23 cm.

Subject : Ear — Photography.

Notes :


By B. Alex. Randall, M. D., Philadelphia, Pa.

In pursuance of a subject which Dr. Morse and I brought before this Society two years ago, I beg leave to show some more photographic illustrations ; but to present them this time in the form of lantern slides to indicate how excellently photography may be made to serve us by the use of projections upon the screen in teaching our specialty. I have not limited the series now to the anatomy of the human ear and the pathology of the drum-membrane ; but include clinical pictures and selections from preparations in comparative anatomy. Among the latter I may call attention to the preparations made by Hyrtl of the tympanic membrane, ossicles, and labyrinth of the elephant as of interest in connection with the demonstrations made here last year by Dr. Buck. As has been before stated, these plates are entirely free from retouching ; so while their beauty may be less than skillful retouching would secure, they are unimpeachable in their accuracy. They have already served me well with my classes at the Philadelphia Polyclinic, and I propose to still further extend the series of which these form a part.

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