Tumeur fibroplastique de la région occipitale.

Montméja, A. de, 1841- .

Journal : Revue photographique des hôpitaux de Paris ; vol. 3.

Paris : Adrien Delahaye, 1871.

Description : 140-142 p., [1 l. pl.] ; ill.: 1 photo. ; 24.5 cm.

Photograph : mounted albumen, head shot, en profil.

Photographer : A. de Montméja.

Subject : Cranium — Fibromas.

Notes :

Two weeks before operating on the fibroma, Foucher embedded lances of zinc chloride — fléches de chlorure de zinc — into the circumference of the pedicel. Montméja took over the case after Foucher died in October of that year, and he attributed the cure both to Foucher's treatments of zinc chloride and to the Vienna paste he applied to any new growths that appeared within the scar tissue.

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