Pseudarthrose de la jambe.

Gombault, François-Alexis-Albert, 1844-1904.

Journal : Revue photographique des hôpitaux de Paris ; vol. 4.

Paris : Adrien Delahaye, 1872.

Description : [1 l. pl.], 143-146 p. ; ill.: 1 phot. ; 24.5 cm.

Photograph : 1 mounted albumen.

Subject : Lower leg — Fractures ; Contracture.

Notes :

The photograph is an image of a postmortem specimen—the right lower leg and foot removed from the body of an 81 year-old male. The striking sygmoid shape to the limb resulted from an unconsolidated fracture of the tibia that occurred at age 44. This is one of Gombault's first published papers and it is interesting for the histological evidence he reports, particularly the deep tissue hypotrophy and yellowing of the skin and muscles in the affected limb. Gombault accomplished his most important work while associated with Charcot and his circle, publishing his doctoral thesis on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (sclérose latérale amyotrophique), a disease that Charcot identified in 1869. Through his research into the effects of lead poisoning on guinea pigs, Gombault identified periaxile neuritis (Gombault neuritis). Other expressions of his name include the Gombault-Philippe triangle in the conus medullaris and Charcot-Gombault billiary infarcts.

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