Scrofulides cutanées et osseuses; cicatrices et déformations consécutives.

Bourneville, Désiré-Magloire (1840-1909).

Journal : Revue photographique des hôpitaux de Paris ; vol. 2.

Paris : Adrien Delahaye, 1870.

Description : [1 l.] pl., 145-150 p. ; ill.: 1 photo. ; 24.5 cm.

Photograph : mounted albumen of the subject's hand.

Subject : Skin — Scrofuloderma; Cutaneous tuberculosis.

Notes :

The subject, a 16 year old girl, suffered from lupus vulgaris lesions across her face and eyes, but because her disease traversed a spectrum, the term "lupus" is used only parenthetically: "Enfin il ya cinq ans sont apparues : 1° une scrofulide de la face (lupus)..." Alfred Hardy, who provides the physiopathology content of this paper, classified this case as a chronic scrofuloderma that had become so invasive it was destroying phalangeal bone structures and, indeed, the photograph shows clubbing and deformity from osteolysis in the fingers of the patient's left hand as well as the ulceration characteristic of cutaneous tuberculosis.

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