L'attitude et la marche dans l'hémiplégie hystérique.

Gilles de la Tourette, Georges Albert Brutus Édouard, 1857-1904.

Journal : Nouvelle iconographie de la Salpêtrière ; vol. 1.

Paris : Lecrosnier et Babé, 1888.

Description : 1-12 p., [2 l.] pl. ; ill.: 2 photo., 10 fig. ; 25.5 cm.

Photographs : 2 phototypes, each of a clinical male subject on crutches.

Photographer : Albert Londe.

Subject : Brain function — Conversion disorders; paralysis.

Notes :

Gilles de la Tourette inaugurated the journal he co-founded with this paper on the gait movement in transient hemiparesis following head trauma. Two male subjects were studied, the first a 47 year-old botanist who was wounded during the disastrous colonising expedition sponsored by the Marquis Du Rays in 1879. The second subject was a 21 year old mason who fell 12 feet from a scaffold. The paper continues a study of gait movement in nervous disorders which Tourette began with his doctoral thesis, promoted by his mentor Charcot and published in 1886.

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