La circulation cérébrale chez l'homme à l'état normal et sous l'influence des substances hypnogènes.

Rummo, Gaetano 1853–1917 ;
Ferrannini, Andrea, 1864–1939

Napoli : Tipografia Angelo Trani , 1888.

Description : [1 l.] frontis. pl., [3 l.] p., [1]-69 p., [16 l.] pl. ; ill.: 2 phots., 17 in-text figs., 16 liths. ; 32 cm.

Photographs : composite collotype printed on leaf, two oval head shots of clinical subjects.

Photographer : Fototipia Biondi–Napoli [in the negative].

Subject : Cerebral vessels — Physiology ; pathology.

Notes :


The sixteen lithograph plates are pulsatile recordings, taken with an Angelo Mosso plethysmograph and an Etienne-Jules Marey sphygmograph, modified by the authors for this study. The instruments were fitted to the denuded cerebra of two otherwise healthy male subjects, Francesco Margherita, a 24 year-old mine worker who was knocked off a cliff by an explosive charge, and Giuseppe Gisonda, a 12 year-old boy whose necrotising head wound was caused by a 2 pound clock weight falling from a height of three stories. Concurrent with this study and using the same two subjects, Rummo and Ferrannini researched nocturnal/diurnal brain movements (1879), and the physiology of sleep, published in a paper titled, "La circulation du sang dans le cerveau de l'homme pendant le sommeil" (1891).

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