De l'épilepsie dans ses rapports avec les fonctions visuelles.

Pichon, Georges, 1860-1893.

Paris : Librairie Ollier-Henry, 1885.

Description : [1]-243 p., [6 l.] pl. ; ill.: 1 phot., 5 engr. ; 23.6 cm.

Photograph : unmounted aristotype, reproduction of a drawing of the fundus oculi.

Subject : Fundus oculi — Epilepsy ; Diagnosis and semiology.

Notes :


In this dissertation, Pichon challenged Brown-Sequard's theory of venous constriction in the cerebral hemispheres, leading to loss of consciousness during epileptic seizures. Pichon based his challenge on observations of hyperemia in the retinas of epileptics at the Nantes asylum.

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