Album d'anatomie pathologique.

Mallez, Jean-Baptiste-François, 1827-1885.

Paris : Chez Le Clerc, 1865.

Description : [11 l.] text, [11 l.] pl. ; ill.: 10 phots. ; 34 cm.

Photographs : mounted photographs depicting wax models, each with a leaf of descriptive text.

Photographer : Léon Crémière, (1831-1913).

Subject : Urinary tract — Pathology ; anatomical models.

Notes :

Mallez built a lucrative Paris practice, specializing in diseases of the urinary tract. His writings on the subject were well regarded, in particular an early study on electrolysis co-authored with Auguste Tripier (1830-1914). For this project, an album of pathological conditions often encountered in urology, Mallez commissioned the illustrious anatomical model maker, Jules Talrich, to sculpt wax copies of specimens in his collection and other sources, quite likely the Musée Dupuytren. Talrich was an honored officier d'Académie, scion of an anatomist and model maker, and had been recently immortalized by Duchenne, posing for Duchenne's monograph on the physignomy of expression (Duchenne, 1862). Talrich was also a fairly successful entrepreneur, exhibiting many of his anatomical models at his public wax museum on the Boulevard de la Madeleine, most notably a grouping deployed as props for a tableau vivant of Dr. Dupuytren, lecturing on anatomy. The pathological conditions represented in the Mallez album included: urethral stricture and closure, enlarged prostate, bladder polyps, bladder stones, chronic cystitis, varicose veins within the bladder wall. The photographs of the wax models were taken by Léon Crémière, who was famous for his photographic portfolios of hunting scenes and dog breeding.

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