A contribution to the anatomy and etiology of rupture of the peritoneal portion of the vagina during labour.

Hart, David Berry, 1851-1920.

Edinburgh : Oliver & Boyd, 1883.

Journal : Transactions of the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society ; vol. 8.

Description : 102–108 p., [4 l] pl. ; ill.: 4 phots., 2 engrs. ; 23 cm.

Photographs : 4 copperplate photogravure figures of tissue samples.

Subjects : Vaginal wall — Rupture ; partuition.

Notes :

These figures were obtained as follows:—Microphotographs were first obtained, and then, by a process recently acquired by Messrs W. & A. K. Johnston, a copperplate engraving is got, from which the figures were printed. The microphotographs were taken with a Hartnack's microscope and 2-inch object-glass. The increase in size is therefore about 12 diameters, and is a comparatively slight microscopic one.—Legend to Plate II.

•    •    •

The four photogravures were printed by the W. & A. K. Johnston firm, renown for its lithograph maps and globes. Original proprietors of the firm were William Johnston and his brother, Dr. Alexander Keith Johnston (1804-1871), who was geographer to the queen. A third brother, Thomas Brumby Johnston (1813-1897), took over the firm in 1871. He was a capable photographer and one of the founding members of the Photographic Society of Scotland in 1856.

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