Einige Beiträge zur Casuistik des Albinismus partialis.

Hansen, Johannes, 1843-1870.

Kiel : C. F. Mohr, 1869.

Journal : Schriften der Universität zu Kiel ; vol. 16, part 7, med. 17.

Description : [1]-10 p. (separate pagination), [1 l.] pl. ; illus: 1 phot. ; 4to.

Photograph : mounted albumen.

Subject : Skin, eyes, hair — partial albinism ; vitiligo.

Notes :

Discusses the writings of Willan, Bärensprung, Simon and others on "partial vitiligo" (Willan) and "partial albinism" (Bärensprung). For centuries, authors were guided by Aulus Cornelius Celsus who adapted the Latin word for calf, vitulus, to describe the sum of hypopigmentation disorders of the skin. It was the early nineteenth century dermatologists who first suspected they were observing discrete disease processes, either heritable or acquired. Hansen favors the nosology of Bärensprung in his descriptions of the two clinical subjects presented, one a 15 year-old male (photographed) and the other a 18 year-old female, but both cases suffered from a later onset of the disorder, an indication of vitiligo, and not partial albinism.

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