De l'idiotie compliquée de cachexie pachydermique (idiotie crétinoïde).

Bourneville, Désiré Magloire, 1840-1909 ;
Bricon, Paul, 1848-1889.

Journal : Archives de Neurologie, vol. xii.

Paris : Bureaux du Progrès Médical, 1886.

Description : pp. 137-153, pp. 292-376, [4 l.] pl. ill.: 14 photos., 4 l. ; 22 cm.

Photographs : 14 in-text photographs and 4 plates of sections (unverified).

Subject : Myxoedema — Differential diagnosis.

Notes :


Figure 8 — a group photo — is duplicated as Figure 17 in the second part of this article. Each of the four plates represents a section of brain. Bricon was conservator of the Musée de Bicêtre founded by Bourneville in 1879. He was also professor of hygiene at the Bicêtre and an editor on the board of Progrès Médical. Bourneville continued to publish papers on cachexie pachydermique after the death of Bricon. One of these, titled De l'idiotie avec cachexie pachydermique (idiotie myxoedémateuse) published in the Comptes-rendus for the year 1889 (Paris, 1890; vol. xviii, pt. 2; p. 813-839) was illustrated with 16 in-text photographs.

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