Dermoid cyst, causing pelvic abscess; repeated aspiration; autopsy.

Tapper, John George, 1853-1935.

Journal : Annals of gynaecology and pediatry ; vol. ii.

Boston : Rockwell and Churchill, 1889.

Description : 512-517 p., [2 l.] pl. ; ill.: 2 phot. fig. ; 23 cm.

Photographs : photoengravings on printed leafs, specimens.

Subject : Pelvic basin — Inflammation ; Dermoid cyst.

Notes :

Photo caption:


Causing pelvic abscess, and perforation of bladder by sharp root of a molar tooth. Cyst contained nine teeth and a mass of hair. A, Rectum. B C, Dermoid cyst. The root of the central tooth was the spiculum which destroyed the bladder. B D, Fundus uteri. E, Right ovary.

[Plate] IV. The same after removal of dermoid. A E, Bed of dermoid cyst. B C, Dermoid mass. B D, Spiculum of bone.

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