Successful operation on harelip.

Stout, Arthur Breese, 1814-1898.

San Francisco : Bancroft & Co, 1867-68.

Journal : Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal ; new series, vol. i.

Description : 150152 p. ; ill.: 1 phot. ; 22cm.

Photograph : tipped-in albumen, composite of two cameos, before and after surgery.

Photographers : Henry William Bradley (1813-1891) and William Herman Rulofson (1826-1878).

Subject : Lip Harelip — Cheiloschisis ; cheiloplasty.

Notes :

SURGERY will acquire an additional interest from the aid of Photographic illustration. The operator cannot exaggerate the deformity, and an amiable artist cannot flatter the curative result; while the reporter is spared the lengthy verbal description by the rapidity of object teaching.

I am indebted to the care and skill of Messrs. Bradley & Rulofson, of San Francisco, for the subjoined photographs.–page 150.

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Composite portraiture of a child with cleft lip, age 8 months before surgery and 3 years after surgery. It is a superb early example of in-text photographic illustration in an American medical journal.

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