Arteritis of the brain; with a case.

Root, Joseph Edward, 1854-1933.

Journal : Proceedings of the Connecticut Medical Society ; ns., vol. iv, no. 2.

Bridgeport : Gould & Stiles [for The Society], 1889.

Description : 217-229 p., [1 l.] pl. ; ill.: 2 phot., 2 engr. ; 23 cm.

Photograph : phototype, a composite of two photomicrographs on paginated leaf.

Photographer : Dr. Arthur J. Wolff (1855-1936).

Subject : Brain — Arteritis.

Notes :

I present, also, some photo-micrographs, —Figs. III. and IV. made by Dr. A. J. Wolff, of this city—of transverse sections cut through one of these enlargements of the middle cerebral artery, and which show very beautifully the process I have described.— Page 125.

The opinion of Dr. E. C. Seguin, of New York, who has seen the photo-micrographs that have been presented here, may be of interest, and I will read an extract from a letter by him to Dr. A. J. Wolff, as follows:"It is an exceedingly interesting case, chiefly for the localization of the hemorrhage. Of 751 cases of cerebral hemorrhage, collected by Gintrac, only two were in the bulb, and few have been collected since. The arterial lesion described is less rare; it is the arteritis syphilitica, first well described by Heubner. Some recent writers have claimed that the same endarteritis occurs in non-syphilitic subjects. Is it possible to look up the ætiology of this case ?"— Page 128.

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