Treatment of spinal diseases, deformities and disabilities by means of the hand woven wire corset and other mechanical adjuvants.

Roberts, Milton Josiah, 18511893.

New York : Ferdinand King, M. D., 1888.

Journal : The International Journal of Surgery and Antiseptics ; vol. 1, no. 4.

Description : 207-223 p. ; ill.: 4 in-text phots., engrs. ; 27 cm.

Photographs : 4 photoengravings (Ives process) on page 214. Front and back views of the male patient, with and without corset.

Photographer : James U. Stead.

Subject : Spine — Orthopedics ; corset.

Notes :

At the recent meeting of the Photographic Section of the American Institute, Dr. Milton J. Roberts exhibited his method of taking photographs in medical and surgical cases by means of electricity and the magnesium flash. In this way it is possible to move the shutter of the camera and fire the flash at the same instant. As a means of marking the progress of disease in hospital wards, or even in private houses, photography is becoming more and more useful every day.—p. 100, Anthony's Photographic Bulletin ; vol. 20 (1889).

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