Contribution to the correction of strabismus by the advancement of the rectus.

Prince, Arthur Edward, 1854-1930

Journal : St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal ; vol. xl (June).

St. Louis : Medical Journal Publishing Company, St. Louis, 1881.

Description (offprint) : [1]8 p., 1 pl. ; ill.: 2 phot. figs., 2 in-text figs. ; 22.2 cm.

Photograph : albumen cdv ; composite, oval portraits of the patient, before and after surgery.

Subject : Recti — Strabismus ; surgery.

Notes :

This being the most extreme case which had come to our notice, it gave us an excellent opportunity to test the merits of our operation, which worked according to programme, as will be shown by a photograph illustrating the condition, before and after the operation, and which will be mailed to any one upon receipt of stamp. The condition of partial ptosis remains to be corrected, the photographic views having been taken during artificial suspension of the lids.–p. 236.

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Letterpress on back of card: Operation April 12th, 1881. Second Photo, April 18. Mrs. B., No. 1546, aet. 36. External strabismus 100% due to congential paralysis of the 3rd pair supplying superior, inferior, and internal rectus—inferior oblique and levator palpebrae superioris muscles. Such imperfect sight as she possessed was only possible by turning the head to one side and raising the lid. The result though not perfect, greatly ameliorates her condition. See description of the operation in June No. of the St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal, by A. E. Prince.

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Nineteenth century offprints were sometimes extra-illustrated by a photograph of the treatment subject, sponsored by the physician author. It is rare for the photograph to survive, particularly when it was loosely inserted within the pages, as was the case with this paper. After graduating medical school, Dr. Prince trained in Europe and returned as a specialist in cataract surgery. He co-directed, with his brother, the Springfield EENT clinic founded by their father, Dr. David Prince.

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