An unique case of multiple exostoses.

Leidy, Joseph, Jr., 1866-1932.

Philadelphia : np [A. L. Hummel, M.D.], 1889.

Description : 1-4 p., [1 l.] pl. ; ill.: 1 phot. ; 13 cm. (oblong).

Photograph : mounted photograph, full body view of a standing female, taken from behind.

Subject : long bones — Osteochondromas ; Hereditary multiple exostoses (HME).

Notes :

Careful examination of the patient, a 25 year-old Irish house maid, revealed 126 bony outgrowths, ranging in size from a grain of corn to a coconut. Claudication typical to this disorder caused by projections on the inner condyles of the femurs, tibiae and fibulae. Leidy recalls a case by Virchow and references the anatomical studies of Antonin Poncet (1849-1913) for the classification, "juxta-epiphyseal exostoses," although it was Poncet's Lyonnaise colleague, Louis Léopold Ollier (1830-1900), who should be credited. The photograph in my copy has the soft contrast of a printing-out paper and is poorly mounted, with folds and ripples caused by uneven application of glue. This is surprising, considering the image was produced by a professional photographer in his studio.

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