Handbook of the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.

Van Harlingen, Arthur, 1845-1936.

Philadelphia : P. Blakiston, Son & Co., 1889.

Description : [2nd ed., enl. & rev.], [2 l.] pl., [i]-xv, [16]-410 p., [6 l.] pl. ; ill.: 6 photo pl., 2 chromo pl., text engrs., tbls. ; 21 cm.

Photograph : photoengravings, plates II-VIII.

Subject : Skin — Diagnosis and treatment.

Notes :

Written as an expedient alphabetized reference book for the clinician. Plates I and II are chromolithographs, the remaining six plates are photoengravings, two images to a plate. The six images comprising plates III to V are original, representing the progress of a single case of alopecia areata. The images on plates VI-VIII were borrowed from other authors including Recklinghausen's case of fibroma molluscum (Tafel II, v. intra: »»), followed by two sets of leprosy images reproduced from Monatshefte für praktische Dermatologie, not cited, but probably Wolff's Lepraerinnerungen aus Norwegen. Wolff probably procured the images from Leloir, but only the female subject (Plate VIII) can be found in Leloir's great monograph, Traité pratique et théorique de la lèpre (Planche IX).

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