Tubal pregnancy.

Collective (Harvard).

Journal : Annals of gynaecology and pediatry ; vol. i.

Boston : Rockwell and Churchill, 1888.

Description : 166, 185-186, 222-224 p., [7 l.] pl. ; ill.: 8 phot. figs. ; 23 cm.

Photograph : photoengravings on printed leafs.

Photographer : Dr. Moses Greely Parker (1842-1917 v.: »»).

Subject : Uterus & adnexa — Tubal pregnancy.

Notes :

By the skill of Dr. Parker, and through the courteous permission of Dr. W. F. Whitney, the curator of the pathological museum of Harvard Medical School, we are able to present in this and the following number of the Annals photographs of seven most interesting specimens of tubal and interstitial pregnancy, besides the unique specimen furnished by Dr. Bernays.

In nothing is the contrast between the old gynaecology and the new more marked than in considering this subject. The records of the late J. B. S. Jackson, who prepared and put away in the museum, which is his monument, the specimens which we study to-day, seem really Hippocratic in their brevity, accuracy, and in the simple way which the inevitable death is announced. No thought of interference, no suggestion that these women might easily have been saved by prompt operation, or by an early diagnosis and arrest of foetal development. How changed is the sentiment to-day may be seen in the papers of Dr. Bernays and Van der Warker, and the discussions on the latter and on that of Dr. Currier.— Page 166.

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The nine images are of specimens, most of them archived at Warren Anatomical Museum and photographed by Dr. Moses Greely Parker. Parker contributed many of the photographs for the inaugural volume of the Annals, edited by his friend and colleague, Dr. Ernest Watson Cushing (1847-1916). He also authored a paper on photomicrography for the Annals titled, "Photo-micrography: the best means of illustrating and teaching pathology" (v.: »»)

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