The removal of the arm, the scapula, and part of the clavicle for osteo-sarcoma of the shoulder.

Read before the Brooklyn Surgical Society, November, 1891.

Wight, Jarvis Sherman 1834-1901.

Journal : Illustrated Medicine and Surgery.

New York : E.B. Treat, 2nd edition, 1892.

Description : 6-8 p. ; ill., 1 photo. ; 30.5 cm.

Photographs : 1 text figure, composite photoengraving.

Subject : Osteosarcoma — Amputation, Upper Extremities.

Notes :

Wight was one of America's most gifted surgeons, famous for the speed and efficiency with which he conducted an operation. He was a tireless innovator of procedures and instruments, and a prolific writer with over 140 papers and books cited in the Index Medicus. This document, however, is missing from the catalog.

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