Atlas der menschlichen und tierischen Haare, sowie der ähnlichen Fasergebilde.

Für die Bedürfnisse der Staatsarzneikunde, des Handels, der Technik und der Landwirtschaft

Waldeyer, Heinrich Wilhelm Gottfried, 1836-1921.

Lahr : Moritz Schauenburg, 1884.

Description : [ii] p., [1]-146 p., [i]-iv p., [12 l] pl. ; ill.: 169 phot. figs., tbls. ; 24.5 x 34.5 cm.

Photograph : 12 leaves of collotype figures, photomicrographs.

Photographer : Julius Grimm (1842-1906).

Subject : Hair — Comparative anatomy.

Notes :

Impressive monograph on the histogenesis and comparative anatomy of hair, both animal and vegetable, with countless historical references drawn from the literature. The bibliographical references provided for pathological conditions of hair is also rich, but unfortunately there are no photographic illustrations for this section. A few of Julius Grimm's photomicrographs are breathtaking, but not nearly so masterful as the ones he created for Recklinghausen's photographic atlas of pathological preparations (vide: »»). Grimm is remembered today for his photographic studies of the lunar surface and for a painting he made of the moon, using impasto brushwork that faithfully cast the same shadows as those cast by the actual mountains and craters. Waldeyer is remembered as one of the giants of nineteenth century anatomists.

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