Micro-photographs in histology, normal and pathological.

By Carl Seiler, in conjunction with J. Gibbons Hunt, and Joseph G. Richardson.

Seiler, Carl, 1849-1905 ;
Hunt, J. Gibbons ;
Richardson, Joseph G.

Philadelphia : J. H. Coates ;
London : Macmillan, 1876-

Description : [1]-48 p., [12] l. ; ill.: 48 photographs ; 29 cm.

Photographs : 12 leaves of 48 photomicrographs (heliotypes).

Subject : Histology — Photomicrography.

Notes :

Intended as a serial atlas of histology, the prospectus stated:

[This] publication is intended to replace the microscope as far as possible, for those physicians who have neither opportunity nor leisure to make observations with the instrument themselves, and also to furnish microscopists, for comparison, correct representations of typical specimens in the domain of normal and pathological histology.

Reviewers were especially harsh, on Plate I of a horizontal section of skin including a transversal sectioning of the hair bulb Thomas Dwight (for BMSJ) wrote,

What we see looks to us like a number of targets with rather irregular black bulls-eyes surrounded by a grayish layer presenting more or less of a dotted appearance, which is in turn surrounded by a black stripe. We can no more tell of what these parts are composed than we could whether a target half a mile off was painted on wood or on iron.

and further,

Though it may be doubted whether illustrations of no matter what excellence will be of any use to one not familiar with the microscope, it is certain that to such a one these photographs will appear rather in the light of a practical joke....

The principals probably took these criticisms to heart because the journal dropped from sight after a year.

Richardson went on to write general health and hygiene books.

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