Savage, George H. (George Henry), 1842-1921.

Unknown work. No copies listed in WorldCat. No copies found in British Libraries. A reference to the Savage paper was made by Dr. William Alexander Hammond in a report on myxoedema he presented at the sixth meeting of the American Neurological Society. Notes of Hammond's report were transcribed and published in The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal (Boston : Houghton, Mifflin and Co. ; vol. ciii., issue 1., July 1, 1880 ; page 14.) :

Finally, Dr. George H. Savage had written a paper on myxoedema, and illustrated it with photographs of two of Dr. Ord's cases.

It is possible that the Savage paper was never published or had a very limited circulation. It is also possible that the paper was an extra-illustrated offprint, perhaps from The Journal of mental science which he co-edited from 1880 to 1894 with Daniel Hack Tuke (1827-1895) or from a hospital report issued by Bethlem Royal Hospital which Savage directed from 1878 to 1888. Finally, Hammond may be referring to an offprint of Savage's article titled Observations on goitre which appeared in the London Lancet in 1872 (vol. 5, p 77).

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