A case of bow legs successfully operated upon.

Ryan, Charles Snodgrass, 1853-1926.

Journal : Australian Medical Journal ; n. s., vol. xi.

Melbourne : Stillwell and Co., 1889.

Description : p. 450, [2 l. pl.] ; ill.: 2 phots. ; 23 cm.

Photograph : 2 mounted photographs of a clinical subject.

Subject : Legs — Genu varum ; surgical correction.

Notes :

Mr. Charles Ryan exhibited "A Case of Bow Legs," successfully operated upon, with a photograph of the case prior to operation. The child was-only three years old, and weighed four stone. He had subcutaneously divided the bones in two places with an osteotome, fractured them, and straightened the limb. Splints were then applied, to maintain the improved position. In this case, he did not think the curvature of the bones was due to rickets, because there were no other evidences of that disease. He thought the excessive weight of the child was the cause of the curving of the legs. (See accompanying photographs). — page 450.

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Charles Ryan served as a colonel and principal medical officer in the Victoria Military Forces, and for two years in the Turkish armed forces during the Servian and Russo-Turkish Wars, afterwards documenting his experiences in a book titled, Under the Red Crescent: Adventures of an English Surgeon with the Turkish Army at Plevna and Erzeroum, 1877-78.

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