A case of nævoid elephantiasis.

Ricketts, Benjamin Merrill, 1858-1926.

Journal : Journal of cutaneous and genito-urinary diseases ; vol. 7.

New York : D. Appleton and company, 1889.

Description : 140-142 p. ; ill.: 1 phot. ; 26 cm.

Photograph : 1 photoengraving in-text (unverified).

Subject : Skin — Primary lymphedema ; Naevoid.

Notes :

While attending the International Medical Congress at Washington, D. C., I had the pleasure of showing the photograph to Unna, of Hamburg ; Justus Andeer, of Munich; Thin, of London, and many others who have great clinical advantages, but none had ever seen a case where the disease had appeared in a similar position.—Page 142.

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Rickett's subject was a 42 year-old farmer with a primary lymphedema that began in infancy and affected the entire lower portions of his face. If he had brought his photograph to France, they might have directed his attention to a paper by Montmeja published in 1869 and titled, Nœvus vasculaire (Vide intra: »»).

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