Der Typhus in Hamburg mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Epidemieen von 1885 bis 1888.

Unter Benutzung amtlicher Quellen bearbeitet ; mit 15 Phototypien und 8 photolithographischen Tafeln.

Reincke, Johannes Julius.

Hamburg : Friedrichsen , 1890.

Description : 1 p. l., 71 pp., 8 pl. ; ill.: tab. fol., 23 phot. ;

Photographs : 8 photolitho. & 15 phototypes.

Subject : Epidemiology — Typhus.

Notes :

Dr. Reincke says in regard to Hamburg that the evidence that the reduction of typhoid in the city has been the result of an improvement in the water is substantiated by the fact that the typhoid among the shipping interests in the harbor, which use the raw water, is as great as it was before, while in the city it has fallen from 90 per 100,000 in 1887 to 6 in 1894 and 9 in 1895. In another place he argues that typhoid fever has always come through the same channels as cholera, and shows by a tabular statement that the maximum of typhoid has followed two or three weeks later than the maximum of cholera, the difference in time representing the longer incubation period of the former disease.*

* Mason, William Pitt, Water-supply: (Considered principally from a sanitary standpoint.), Chapman and Hall, 1902.

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