Human monstrosities,

by Barton Cooke Hirst and George A. Piersol.

Hirst, Barton Cooke, 1861-1935.
Piersol, George A. (George Arthur), 1856-1924.

Philadelphia: Lea, 1891-93.

4 v. ill.

42.4cm X 33cm.

Subject: teratology.

Photographer: Dr. George A. Piersol.


Garrison-Morton 534.68: The first large work on the subject illustrated primarily by photographs.

Subtitles to each of the four volumes as follows:

Part I Illustrated with Seven Photographic Reproductions and Eighteen Woodcuts.

Part II Illustrated with Thirteen Photographic Reproductions and Twenty-five Woodcuts.

Part III Illustrated with Nine Photographic Reproductions and Twenty-four Woodcuts.

Part IV Illustrated with Ten Photographic Reproductions and Forty-six Woodcuts.

•      •      •

The original images for this remarkable atlas can be found at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. Doctor Piersol began his studies in the field of civil engineering but earned a degree of medicine in 1877 at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and it was at this venerable institution that he spent the rest of his life as a professor of anatomy and embryology. The intensity of his scientific skills are apparent in this atlas and in the photo-micrographs he made for his book of histology first published in 1885.

Barton Cooke Hirst also taught at the University of Pensylvania, sharing the chair of the Obstetrics Department with Howard Kelly for one year but continuing as the sole head for 38 years.

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