Recherches sur la nature et la cause du béri-béri et sur les moyens de le combattre.

Pekelharing, Cornelis Adrianus, 1848-1922.
Winkler, Cornelis, 1855-1941.

Utrecht : Keminck & Fils, 1888.

Description : [iv] p., 1-140 p., [1 l.] errata, [6 l.] pl., [2 l.] tbl. ; ill.: 1 phot., 30 col. lith. figs., 2 tbls. ; 31 cm.

Photograph : large format photograph mounted on printed board.

Photographer : Joost Van Eecke (1860-1895).

Subject : Nervous system — Beriberi.

Notes :

(a.) Atrophic and œdematous beri-beri. — As we have already seen, different authors are accustomed to distinguish an atrophic and an œdematous beri-beri. Between these two extremes, however, the most careful observers place a "mixed beri-beri." In order to render more intelligible what is meant by such a distinction, we give a photograph (see Plate I.), which we owe to the kindness of Van Eecke.

In the emaciated figure to the left every one will recognise the person suffering from atrophic beri-beri. He has beside him a person suffering from dropsical beri-beri. — Page 45 of the English translation.

•    •    •

Dr. Van Eeck was a surgeon in the Netherlands army and a member of the medical team dispatched to Jakarta to battle a serious outbreak of Beriberi among navy personel. His photograph contrasts two clinical pictures of the disease — the endemic neuritis of the dry form and the edematous wet form.

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