Estudio sobre la yerba loca.

Ordaz, Evaristo.

Mexico: Oficina Tip. De la Secretaria de Fomento, 1884.

Description: printed wrappers, 23 pages, 23 cm.

Photographs: 1 mounted albumen.

Photographer: same.

Subject: toxicology, Oxytropis Lamberti.


Hertzmann, and Margolis & Moss: 100 Books with Original Photographs 1846—1919; no. 68.

The following description is lifted from the Hertzmann, and Margolis & Moss catalog:

[Ordaz's] pharmaceutical thesis for the "Facultad de Medicina de México." The text describes the properties of Yerba Loca and discusses the ill effects of "loco weed," a major problem for the livestock industry. The frontispiece photograph of leaves and seeds, with its handsome calligraphic captions, is also credited (in the manuscript hand by an unknown source) to the author.

Harvard University shows the same title listed for author Alejandro Yrigoyen, also printed in Mexico in 1884 and also 23 pages long, but different publisher (Escuela nacional de agricultura y veterinaria. Serie veterinaria, 9 ). This is possibly a reprint of the Ordaz thesis and edited by Yrigoyen. No copies found in American libraries.

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