Two successful cases of extirpation of the thyroid gland for fibrocystic tumors.

McLean, Robert Armistead, 1851-1918.

Journal : The Western Lancet ; vol. vii.

San Francisco : A. Roman & Company, 1878.

Description : 263-265 p. (& plate) ; ill.: 1 phot. ; 23 cm.

Photograph : (unverified).

Subject : Thyroid — Fibrocystic tumors ; excision.

Notes :

Mrs. H., a German woman, 30 years of age, consulted me early in January, 1878. She had a large tumor occupying the front and lateral parts of the neck, presenting the appearance represented by the first of the accompanying photograph. The tumor was first noticed at the age of sixteen and grew slowly until her marriage. When she became pregnant it increased rapidly and pain became a prominent symptom.

She was without means, and through the kindness of some charitable ladies and the courtesy of Dr. 0. B. Hutchins, she was admitted to the San Francisco Female Hospital where I operated upon her January 16th, 1878, with the assistance of Drs. Hampton, Hodgdon, and several medical students.

In this instance, the operation was much more simple than in the former case. It consisted in making a crucial incision, dissection up the flaps, and enucleating the tumor. A few vessels were cut and ligated.

She recovered rapidly and was able to come to my office thirteen days after the operation.

The accompanying photographs show the appearance of the patient before and after the operation. — Page 265.

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