Dr. John Brown and his sister Isabella.

Outlines by E. T. M'L.

McLaren, Elizabeth T.

Edinburgh : D. Douglas, 1889.

Description : frontis., 62 p. ; illus., [2] leaves of plates ; 23.8 cm.

Photograph : frontispiece, portrait of John Brown, heliotype.

Photographer : Caldesi.

Subject : Medical Biography — Brown, John (1810-1882) ; Brown, Isabella Cranston, 1812-1888.

Notes :

Much beloved physician who practiced in Edinburgh. John Brown corresponded with Oliver Wendell Holmes who read McLaren's manuscript before it was published and sent the following comments which are printed in the preface :

I felt every word of it at my heart's root, to use Chaucer's expression. The life itself so angelically sweet—the nature which won the love of the English and American reading world showed itself so beautifully in his daily life—that no portait-painter who pictures life in words could ask a more captivating subject. All is simple, natural, truthful; and the little Memoir leaves an impression as clear and as sweet as if the loving disciple himself had written it. I mean these words to come under the eye of the writer. I trust you will see that they do.

Apparently Brown shared Holmes's animus towards homeopathists which McLaren illustrates with this amusing anecdote :

He asked if I was going in to town, and hearing that I was, said, 'I'll drive you in.' He took no notice of me as we walked down to the small side gate, and I was plunged in thought at the idea of driving home in a doctor's carriage. We soon reached said carriage, and my foot was on the step, when again my arm was seized, and this time, "Are you a Homoeopathist?' was demanded. I stoutly answered 'Yes,' for I thought I must not sail or drive under false colours. 'Indeed! They go outside,' was his reply. This was too much for me; so shaking myself free I said 'No, they don't, they can walk.' He smiled, looked me rapidly all over from head to foot, and then said in the same quiet voice, 'For that I'll take you in' -and in I went. — page 10.

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