On animal vaccination.

Martin, Henry Austin, 1824-84.

Boston : Campbell, 1878.

Reprint : Transactions of the American Medical Association.

Description : vol. xxviii ; [2] l., 62 p., [2] l. ; ill., 2 pl. ; 23.5 cm.

Photographs : 2 heliotype reproductions of lithographic drawings.

Subject : Immunologic Techniques — Vaccination.

Notes :

Both plates illustrate cicatrices from vaccinations. The following excerpt describes the first heliotype :

The plate is a copy, by the heliotype process of exactly half the dimensions of the original illustration, by Chazal, of the difference observed between the vaccinia induced by virus of the old "stock" introduced into France by Dr. Woodville in 1800, and continued there by human transmission thirty-six years, and that from the use of virus of an early human remove from the cow-pox of Passy. I have preferred to make no alteration or translation of the inscription on the engraving, but to give an exact copy, except in size, of the original.

Second plate is a reproduction of a drawing from Dr. Denarp Decanteleu's monograph1 of skin lesions published in 1851. The work had only the one drawing, but on a trip to the Paris offices of Decanteleu's publisher, Martin discovered other drawings with a manuscript for an atlas on the cicatrices of vaccination that were never published. All the drawings were made by Decanteleu after plaster casts of the scars left by vaccination on the arms of his subjects. Martin purchased the manuscript and the drawings and brought them back to the United States.

Martin was very disappointed in the quality of the heliotype reproductions and wrote an "Apology" which he printed on a separate sheet and bound in with the journal article.

1. Decanteleu, J. E. B- Denarp, Monographie des cicatrices de la vaccine. Ouvrage dans lequel on fait connaitre, 1° Plusieurs formes de cicatrices vaccinales non encore décrites; 2° Le mode de formation; les transformations diverses, les caractères des cicatrices que la vaccine peut produire ; Paris, Bailliere, 1851.

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