Address in obstetrics and diseases of woman.

Fibroid tumors of the uterus.

Marcy, Henry Orlando, 1837-1924.

Transactions of the American Medical Association.

Philadelphia: Times Printing House, 1882.

Volume XXXIII, 175-214 pp., [6 pl.].

Photographs: 6 leaves with 14 heliotypes of photomicrographs.

23.5 cm.

Subject: uterine tumors.

The following legend appears opposite to Plate 1:

Microphotographs of interstitial myomatous tumors*

Plate 1. — Figure 1.

a. Myomatous Growth.
b,b,b. Surrounding uterine tissue, showing the bundles of muscular fibres cut in various directions.
c,c,c. Connective tissue stroma between the separated muscular bundles.
d,d. Uterine tissue changed by the growing tumor.

Figure 2.

a. Tumor.
b,b. Body of uterus, bundles of fibres cut for the most part transversely.
c,c. Large neighboring vessels.
d,d. Connective tissue stroma surrounding growth.
e,e. Uterine fibres elongated and changed into surrounding parallel layers.

Figure 3.

a. Tumor, the fibres of which are much altered by compression.
b,b. Connective tissue stroma between the different lobes.
d,d,d. Series of surrounding vessels of extraordinary size.
e,e. Uterine walls.

Magnified about ten diameters.†

*The photographic work was done by Messrs. Black & Co., of Boston; the reproductions by the Heliotype Printing Company of Boston.

†A Towle's two-inch objective used.

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