Notes on tinea imbricata, an undescribed species of body ringworm.

Manson, Patrick, Sir, 1844-1922.

Shanghai : Chinese imperial maritime customs service, 1878.

Journal : China Imperial Customs Medical Report ; xvi.

Description : 1-11 p., [5] l. ; ill., 1 fold. lith., 5 photo. ; 28 cm.

Photographs : 5 mounted albumens.

Photographer : E. Rocher.

Subject : Tropical Diseases — Tinea Imbricata.

Notes :

Manson has been called the "Father of modern tropical medicine". He had a vast experience of disease in the Tropics and himself made many valuable contributions to the knowledge of this subject. He described tinea nigra and tinea imbricata, found filaria in elephantiasis and discovered Filaria hominis. in 1898 he founded the London School of Tropical Medicine. The 16th edition of his book, edited by P. H. Manson-Bahr, appeared in 1966.—GM 2266 for "Tropical diseases", London, Cassell 1898.

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While he was serving as the Medical Officer to the Imperial Maritime Customs in China, Dr. Manson observed mycelium in the skin scales of patients infected with 'Tokelau Itch'. He isolated the mycelium and innoculated the arms of two Chinese assistants, thereby demonstrating the cause of the disease and distinguishing it from T. circinata.

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