Raccolta di casi clinici delle malattie della pelle e sifilitiche, curate nelle clinica e dispensario.

Manassei, Casimiro, 1824-1893.

Rome : Tipografia Romana, 1876-78.

Description : (vol. 1) 76 p., 36 pl. ; ill.: 36 photo. (part col.) ; 27 cm.

Photographs : mounted albumens, some hand-colored.

Subject : Skin diseases — Atlases.

Notes :

Report of Cases of Diseases of the Skin and Syphilis treated at the Clinic and Dispensary of the University of Rome. {Raccolta di Casi Clinici delle malattie della pelle, etc.} By Dr. Casimero Manassei. Roma, 1876. This work consists of a series of 36 photographs, plain and colored, of diseases of the skin, with 76 pages of descriptive letter-press. As a contribution to the general diffusion of knowledge in regard to affections of the skin as observed in various countries, this, as also the report of the Palermo clinic, by Profeta, with its 22 photographs (reviewed in ARCHIVES vol. iv., p. 276), is of real value, but outside of Italy the works will, of course, have but little practical utility for the general physician or specialist. — Extracted from: Archives of Dermatology.

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Exceptionally rare atlas with only two titles listed in Worldcat, one for 1876 with 36 plates and another published in 1877 with 40 plates. An obituary for Manassei published in Archiv für Dermatologie und Syphilis (Wien & Leipzig, 1893, pages 758-59) describes three volumes with a total of 120 photographic plates including an 1878 volume with 42 plates.

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