On a case of hypertrophy of the gums and alveolar processes.

MacGillivray, Paul Howard (1834 - 1895).

Melbourne : Stillwell & Co., 1871.

Publication : The Australian medical journal.

Description : v. 16 ; pp. 239-242, 1 pl. ; ill., 1 photo. ; 29 cm.

Photographs : mounted albumen, clinical portrait.

Subject : Gums — Tumors (of).

Notes :

Before turning to medicine, MacGillivray was trained as a naturalist and he continued his work in this field his entire life, specializing in Cainozoic Polyzoa. Both his father and his brother John were distinguished naturalists. In medicine MacGillivray is remembered for his three treatises on management and treatment of hydatid cysts.

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