Vorlesungen über die geschichtliche Entwickelung der Lehre von den Bacterien,

für Aerzte und Studirende. Erster Theil, bis zum Jahre 1878.

Löffler, Friedrich, 1852-1915.

Leipzig: F. C. W. Vogel, 1887.

xii, 252pp. ill.

Illustrated: 1 plate photomicrographs, 2 plates chromolithographs.


Subject: bacteriology.


Garrison-Morton 2579:

         Löffler, professor of hygiene at Greifswald, made many discoveries in bacteriology. His history of the subject was unfortunately left unfinished.

Bulloch, p. 381 (see below).

Plate I contains 8 mounted photomicrographs, which are original photomicrographs from Robert Koch’s 1877 paper Verfahrungen zur Untersuchung, zum Conserviren und Photographiren der Bacterien.

German bacteriologist and associate of R. Koch ... Loeffler was a most painstaking and accurate bacteriologist and one of the principal names connected with bacteriology. He discovered the diphtheria and glanders bacilli, and worked successfully at the attenuation of pathogenic virus, disinfection, water bacteriology, typhoid of mice.... He was a great technician and introduced the method of staining cilia, the preparation of blood serum for diphtheria cultures, Loeffler’s methylene blue. He recognized the filter-passing character of the virus of foot and mouth disease and spent years trying to effect a cure of it. Loeffler was an excellent teacher, linguist, and writer. (Bulloch, p. 381).

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