The human brain:

histological and coarse methods of research. A manual for students and asylum medical officers.

Lewis, William Bevan, 1847-1929.

London : J. and A. Churchill, 1882.

Description : xvi, 163 p., [18] p. adv. ; ill., [4] leaves of plates, 22 cm.

Photographs : 4 mounted albumens.

Subject : Physiology. Brain.

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The modern era of research in the structure of the cerebral cortex … was carried further by the delineation of the cellular layers of the cerebral cortex…. Bevan-Lewis (1878) established the general existence of pyramidal cells in Meynert's fifth layer and divided the cortex into six cellular layers. Bevan-Lewis's diagram was later adopted by Vogt and Brodmann, and is still in general use today despite repeated changes in the designations or names of the cortical layers.

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