Untersuchungen über Bacterien VI.

Verfahrungen zur Untersuchung, zum Conserviren und Photographiren der Bacterien.

Koch, Robert, 1843-1910.

Beiträge zur Biologie der Pflanzen.

Vol. 2, no. 3[1877]; 399-434pp.; pl.s XIV-XXVI.

Edited by: Cohn, Ferdinand, 1828-1898.

Breslau: J. U. Kern's Verlag (Max Müller), 1877.

Illustrated: 24 mounted photomicrographs.

Subject: bacteriology, microbiology.


Garrison & Morton 2488:

Koch greatly improved staining methods; he laid the foundations of the technical procedures employed to-day. In the above paper he described his methods of making films of bacteria on cover slips and fixing them by gentle heat; he also gave details of his method of photographing bacteria. In some of his plates the cilia are clearly perceptible.

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