A further minute analysis by electric stimulation of the so-called motor region of the cortex cerebri in the monkey (Macacus sinicus).

Beevor, Charles Edward, 1854-1908.
Horsley, Sir Victor Alexander Haden, 1857-1916.

London : The Society ; Trübner & Co., 1888.

Description : 205-256 p., [3 l. pl.] ; ill.: 3 fig. h. t., 17 photo. ; 31 cm.

Journal : Philosophical Transactions, Series B. ; Vol. CLXXIX.

Photographs : 17 autotypes on three leaves.

Subject : Brain — Function, Cerebral Cortex.

Notes :

Beevor, physician to the National Hospital, Queen Square, London, collaborated with Horsley in an important series of investigations of the localization of cerebral function. — G&M.

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Horsley set the gold standard for the difficult lab work necessary to map out localized brain function. These papers further delineated the activity of the cerebral cortex uncovered by Ferrier.

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