Die Photographie als Hülfsmittel mikroskopischer Forschung.

Gerlach, Joseph von, 1820-1896.

Leipzig : Wilhelm Engelmann, 1863.

Description : viii, 85, [1] p. ; illus., 4 plates, 24 cm.

Photographs : albumens, 7 photomicrographs.

Subject : Photomicrography.

Notes :

Cited :

Garrison Morton 548 [Mikroskopische Studien aus dem Gebiete der menschlichen Morphologie, Erlangen 1858]:

Gerlach introduced several staining methods (in his Mikroskopische Studien aus dem Gebiete der menschlichen Morphologie, Erlangen 1858), the most important of which (a transparent solution of ammonia carmine and gelatin) is called "Gerlach's stain" ; it was the first satisfactory histological stain.

Garrison-Morton 2492.

Taureck, Renata ; Die Bedeutung der Photographie für die medizinische Abbildung im 19. Jahrhundert ; p 201 :

The Erlanger Anatomist Joseph Gerlach is considered the originator of photomicrography in Germany. He wrote the first textbook on photomicrography, which included four original mounted photographic plates.

He saw the value of photomicrography in its application for precise scientific tabulating, as a means of enlargement, and for representation of UV-rays. The pictures which he attached to his textbook are, consequently, examples of these types of application, scales of Hipparchia Janira in enlargements of 265 : 1, 670 : 1 and 1460 : 1, by which the final strength of the last enlargement led to insufficient sharpness in the original negative.

The text figures include illustrations of Gerlach’s apparatus for photomicrography with an Oberhäuser microscope (fig. 2), his enlargement apparatus (fig. 5), and his darkroom (fig. 6). The photomicrographs represent:

  1. Oberhäuser micrometer (265X).
  2. Scale of Hipparchia Janira (265X).
  3. Enlargement (670X) of the Hipparchia scale.
  4. Enlargement (1460X) of the Hipparchia scale.
  5. Fish muscle preserved in Canada balsam (1000X).
  6. Membrana choriocapillaris from a human eye, stained with Gerlach’s stain of ammonia carmine (43X).
  7. Cross section of a 6-month-old child’s eye made with Gerlach's enlargement apparatus (2X).

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